Fall Foliage / Rebirth

Just a few tidbits blooming near and around the city. This time of year is bursting in color! Isn't it gorgeous?

We've all been laying low for the past few weeks around here; I'm slowly catching up on the emails and to-dos and finishing up the last of my autumn sessions. I have a lot brewing in my brain re: photography / business things / dreams and heartspace. I'm taking the time to internalize it all and hopefully start sharing and manifesting it into reality. Autumn has always provoked a sense of beautiful change. I will reap and stow away the best parts of myself and shed the rest-- it's time for rebirth.


If you've never seen Vice's MUNCHIES - do yourself a favor and look at all of the yummy food goodness over there. Matty Matheson is a favorite with our family (not exactly our normal, healthier options but still...) Every weekend we like to take it easy and indulge a little bit. 

happy happy!

Bits + Bobs

( rainy autumn mornings at home )

( second, or third? afternoon cup because it's been that kind of week )

( this cake, which was nearly devoured completely )

( this completely dried out eucalyptus plant, still serving as a bookshelf decoration )

( little pieces of home )

( usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, this time with a half concha from our local bakery )

( and finally, you would think she misses her dance class or something... )