California Dreaming

I can't believe I'm typing this, but in three weeks we are relocating our little family of four across the country. This clan of midwesterners is heading to the west coast to build our first little homestead by the bay. What started as a bunch of what if's turned out to be we're actually doing this! after just a few short phone calls. Years and years of struggling for traction, feeling like we're going nowhere, then the gift of this incredible opportunity after we surrendered to the flow and started taking things one day at a time. Isn't that always how it goes? Oh, life you are funny.

Erick landed his dream job and we told him, "go get 'em," that he's got our full support. Realizing this dream has now become reality has been startlingly terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. We are going to do this, we are going to explore unknown territory. We are leaving behind every single dear friend and family member that we know and we are entering into a land where there are no babysitters, no abuelita downstairs to make dinner when you're exhausted, no drive down to grandma's for a swim and cuddle, none of our favorite local coffee shops and restaurants, a super high rental market, and a place where everything down to the weather is completely and utterly different. I mean, we'll have no snow this winter. No snow! No. Snow. (As a Chicagoan who's been beaten heavily over the years with rough winters, this I still can't wrap my head around).

But, we're gaining the salty air and roaring waters of the Pacific. The fog and the wisdom of the mountains. Years and years of stories whispered from the ancient Redwoods. We will make a new nest for ourselves and it will undoubtedly be our greatest adventure yet.

We are ready for you, California.


Always This

This empty beach has seen us through so many transitions in our life.

Sofia's first trip as a baby. Then as a toddler when she developed an aversion to sand and shrieked the second her feet hit the ground. Then again, newly pregnant with a very tiny Alba still growing inside me. We even celebrated Alba's first birthday here. And now, for no particular reason at all we found ourselves here again, wandering the empty off season shores.

They're so much older now.

Time is moving at warp-speed, but when we're here, things always slow down. A pause. And one I couldn't be more grateful for. I'm desperately hanging on to their little as much as I'm hanging on to this summer....