Warrior Rune

I had the chance to spend the day in the NICU with Rune and his wonder-woman mama yesterday. Kirsten and I could have talked and talked until they kicked me out of the hospital... seriously. Haha. Forever grateful for the magical world of the internet bringing us together. These are just a few snaps of our day together, and we've got some really exciting things brewing. In the coming months, I'll be able to share more of their incredible story with all of you. I can't wait!

Floating In The Infinite

Forever inspired by my little wizard children -- life, to them, is whatever they want it to be. Every single day, they wake up to their creations and walk in their world so present and uninhibited. I started realizing how much it has affected me over the years. And my soul. And my passions. They are awake, but dreaming; lucid in every form of the word. They are not afraid of consequences, they face no fears of failure or judgement. They just live. They've made this life their personal playground to experiment and explore. Emotions flow through every color of the rainbow and continuously surprise me. They do not march on behind the others, or timidly between the lines. They do not hover in the grey area, choosing to play it safe. No. Their wants, needs, and desires spill over freely in radical luminosity: joyful and frightening; whimsical and stoic; impassioned and poised. There is no excuse-making or self-pity. They just do. And regardless of what happens, they always keep playing. This suggests that as much as I have yet to guide my children through in life, they've also been guiding me. Enlightenment through parenthood. These beings are made of magic!

Will You Protect Me?

You told me that your monkey (who never leaves your side, day or night, and goes with you everywhere) doesn't make you happy anymore when you're scared. I watched as your little eyes searched the room, clutching onto my hand tightly. We were at the doctor's office that day, and while I didn't think you were due for a vaccine, you were. There are only a few out the giant recommended list that we choose to give you, but it still doesn't make it any easier when that time comes-- for you or me. You asked me if I would protect you, and I said "always". As I pulled you up onto my lap, you buried your head into my chest and closed your eyes. Breathe in, breathe out. 

The Phone Thief

I found you happily playing on the phone you stole from my nightstand. You, without fail, will always open the "Endless ABC" app first because it's totally your favorite. But my favorite bit about this whole scenario was your little toes as they tap-tap-tapped on the bed sheets. You looked pretty darn proud of yourself. And pretty comfortable, too.