A Promontory Point Picnic

This year Erick and I told ourselves we wanted to do more. Summer is a busy time for our family and we both get so caught up work and the have-to-dos that we forget to make time for everything we've been dreaming up and wishing about. One of our biggest wishes was to take more adventures. Explore what the city has to offer. Get outside and show the girls places that they've never seen. A few weeks back when we were having warm, August weather, we took the girls to Promontory Point- a wonderful recommendation from my friend Kirstin. Chicago is seriously so gosh darned beautiful in the summertime. Trust me, we wish this weather would stick around forever! I'm so grateful to experience these moments with my girls and to have such an incredible partner with me every step of the way. To have memories where I'm actually in the photos instead of strictly on the other side of the lens. So much love. Wherever we go in this life, we are together.