Love Your Guts

This week I unexpectedly lost a friend, a sister on the Wholehearted journey.

There have been more tears than right words at the moment.

I am praying for her beautiful kiddos and dear husband.

Hold your loved ones close.
Be grateful for every day.

"Love is crazy. Love is grand. Love is love. It moves you, it shakes you,
it grounds you, and sometimes drives you a little wild." --Amelia O'Connor


Days Like Today


Our lazy Saturday mornings often become restless-- when we were left wondering what to do at 4PM, we decided to head out for a quick sunset trip to a favorite park. Delicious pastel colors and a bit of fresh air was good for the soul. I curled up cozily to the idea of finally having land of our own... I can imagine it clearly; the girls running around, cheeks rosy in breathless exhilaration. But until then, we will enjoy the most of what we have right now -- each other, this city.