The Spring Table

As we welcomed in the glorious month of March, the snow around the city is still piled up high on the ground. The temperatures are slowly beginning to rise and the shining sun has been more than enough to have everyone excited for the days ahead.

We put birds and colorful eggs on our Easter tree, and have started dwarf sunflowers and zinnias in pots that the each of the girls are caring for themselves. Our woodland sprites from the lovely Steph have been given so much love over the years, but seemingly even more so now as the girls have developed in their curious, imaginative play. A touch of quartz, palo santo, and a single tulip ties the entire scene together.

Having two beautiful daughters made of fire and a very small apartment with tumultuous winter weather has been incredibly challenging for me this season. I've never claimed to have parenting 'figured out', yet for a while there, things were easy. And wonderful. We are re-working our daily rhythm and getting really creative with staying occupied and keeping our minds and bodies busy. Watercolor painting has been one of our favorite afternoon activities to help us set the pause button on our day. While I usually have much to catch up on (or to tidy) at this point in the day, I always end up painting right along side them; butterflies, rainbows, sun rays and blue skies all damply swirling together... a beautiful time out for us all.

The Spirit Of Life

Today I wanted to share an excerpt out of one of my most loved books, Seven Times The Sun. It has changed the way we flow through our day and I'm grateful for every word. One portion that particularly spoke to me was when she recalls her marriage with her husband-- it's as if I wrote the exact words myself. Having someone that can genuinely make you laugh in the middle of your frustrations, no matter how badly you want to let yourself be furious, is a rare and coveted treasure. I too am fortunate enough to have someone that reminds me to not take this life of ours so seriously.

- - - 

"Of all the reasons I chose Andrew as my marriage partner, none is more significant than his ability to inspire me to laugh at myself -- and life. I cherish his ability to see the humor in the comedic tendencies of our family -- a family in which each of us is equally as bold and strong-headed as the others. Sometimes when Andrew and I are playing a heated game of emotional tug-o-war, we suddenly turn to look at one another. Someone holds the hint of a smile in their eyes, and we both let out a belly laugh that reminds us to not take ourselves so seriously. I think this is a cornerstone of our marriage and our family.

Family. This is the hardest work we will ever do. Nowhere will we feel such a strenuous pull of responsibility to others, of expectation, of a desire to be understood and accepted. And nowhere is there a greater need to appreciate the divine comedy of the universe that could bring together such an unusual chemistry of character under the same roof.

It is certain there are days laughter will be our saving grace. For our family, laughter is a ritual of release when we find ourselves wading through a strong current of unending blunders and confusion. We throw our heads back and laugh long and deeply with the Spirit of Life. We toss off the heavy weight of all we are not. And light-footed, we move forward."  ~ Shea Darian

- - -

Perfection. I highly recommend picking this book up if you're remotely interested in simple rituals, whimsical verses and celebrating daily life xx